Testing is the foundation of software development and a delicate responsibility for any company. Unsurprisingly, companies are looking to achieve their project goals while staying within budget, and Quality.One is the number one stop for this. Our Testing as a Service remains superior to other QA testers, if we dare say so ourselves, because of our competence, experience, agility, remote services, and use of AI automated testing

Quality.One is committed to helping you achieve your project goals. Our methods are efficient, cost-friendly, and adaptable to your company's unique needs to enable you to meet your goals. We offer a comprehensive range of Testing as a service and quality assurance consultancy. Our goal is to take care of all your testing needs so that your experts are always on the job for you.

Competent expertise and exhaustive testing service.

Experience with a huge number of customer projects in global companies and environments.

Agile, classical, modern, AI powered - we work always on top of market methods and strategies.

Onsite or remote - you won't feel any difference.

Artificial Intelligence is not just another buzzword; it is a valuable technology with several benefits. Let us tell you why.

Testing is an irreplaceable and never-ending process in the software development cycle. It is a technical discipline that requires high-level skills, effort, and experience to pull off. It is not a service that can be assigned to just anyone because the overall quality of your product and service depends on it. Over the years, companies have been increasingly looking for great cost-efficient testing options to complete their projects in time and within their budget, and this is why they often opt for Quality.One's Testing as a Service.

With decades of unmatched experience and a team of experts, Quality,One is a household name for Testing in Europe and beyond. One thing that sets us apart from third-party QA engineers is our practice of listening before acting.
You, our client, are the major stakeholder in your project, and we know that listening to you is the only way to understand what you really need. This makes it easy to satisfy your demands in line with our globally acclaimed standards.
Companies that are unwilling to settle for anything less than the best choose Quality.One. If you are curious about why these companies specifically choose our Testing as a Service rather than hiring their own QA engineers, then here are 5 reasons why Quality.One rocks:

Software testing is our passion, and we offer our clients a wide range of testing options. We are specialists in testing web-based applications such as online stores, booking systems, portals, enterprise, security, and other applications. Quality.One can manage, design, implement and execute your test management as an independent service provider. Our testing services include functional and mobile testing, test automation, security testing, compatibility testing, usability testing, AI-powered test automation, appliances testing, performance testing, and QA consultancy. It is evident that Quality.One leaves no stone unturned when it comes to testing, and this holistic approach to testing as a service sets us apart from regular QA engineers.

Over the years, we have accrued vast experience in both agile and classical project methods with the primary aim of satisfying the needs of our customers. Our client list is an eclectic one that reflects our expertise and versatility, as it cuts across several industries, including automobile, hospitality, banking and finance, logistics, etc. These clients include Allianz Insurance Group, MINI, UBS, BMW, V-ZUG, Mövenpick Hotels and many others. A perfect example of our impeccable work rate is our work with UBS card service. We developed a complete testing infrastructure for credit card payments combined with mobile apps (authorization app, credit card payments overview, and admin of card) using MicroFocus UFTMobile Server and a dedicated device farm with real devices. We also developed automation of standard processes such as regression testing. Our input led to time savings of approximately 80%. We have a history of excellence, and companies come to us because they are guaranteed comprehensive testing backed by many years of customer experience.

Quality.One works according to the latest methods and tools that guarantee efficiency. We believe in working together with our clients to achieve the best results, and we can assure you that it will feel almost as if we were sitting right beside you. We take everything into consideration and work holistically to achieve your desired results within your financial and professional capacity. When you work with us, we temporarily provide you with a qualified and experienced pool of experts to help you achieve your goals without exceeding your budget. Because of our commitment to your success, you can be assured that you will save budget but never quality.

While recruiting onsite experts is great, sometimes it is not an option. Remote service is the new cool, and at Quality.One, we embrace this with our near shoring service. We understand that many companies cannot run their own testing in-house due to a lack of experts or financial or spatial constraints. This, however, does not mean that such companies should lack access to competent testing services. Quality.One offers you your personalized competence center. We also provide you with support in setting up test departments, methods, and processes, implementing test tools, and training for testers. We help you start small, and together, we can grow according to your requirements. Quality.One can bring competent testing to your company, no matter where you are and what challenges you might be facing.

Artificial intelligence is not just another buzzword; it is a valuable technology with several benefits. Good software development requires continuous testing, and continuous testing can be burdensome to the company, as it requires a large testing team of experts, which many companies cannot afford. Quality.One utilizes artificial intelligence to optimize testing for your products.

If you do not already have it, we can provide an ultramodern Artificial Intelligence-powered test automation for your company. If you already have a suitable platform, we can provide our support in its setup and management. Artificial intelligence exceeds any team of experts, unlike human-powered systems. It can detect bugs faster and more efficiently within a short period. It is also capable of extensive testing without needing a large group of experts.

In one of our last articles about AI powered testing we talked extensively about Artificial intelligence and its benefits. AI powered/ supporting tools Quality.One is working with: Micro Focus UFT AI powered, Functionize, AI-DT (AI Driven Testing) using Selenium


Quality.One offers you experience and knowledge from numerous projects of global companies.

Our test experts have diverse knowledge in numerous disciplines to ensure holistic test coverage of highly scalable industrial applications.