Why Automation Testing Is Critical To Retail Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a critical initiative for retailers. It enables them to keep up with the latest trends and changes in the industry. Especially as it’s one of the few industries that experienced significant growth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, a successful digital transformation requires more than just a new website or app. It also needs rigorous testing to ensure that the new system works smoothly and meets customer expectations.


One of the most popular solutions is automation testing. It allows retailers to test their new systems quickly and efficiently. It can also identify security or performance issues that require immediate attention. If you haven’t explored automation or Testing as a Service (TaaS), then here’s why you should.

How Automation Testing Benefits Retail Digital Transformation

There are many benefits to utilizing TaaS as part of your retail digital transformation initiative. But here are some of the most common reasons why more businesses are incorporating it into the project.

How Automation Testing Benefits Retail Digital Transformation

Fast Feedback on Your Builds

Many retail businesses are deploying new builds as frequently as weekly. Some even ship even more often. As such, there is a requirement to ensure what is delivered is fit for purpose. It must also operate effectively across all systems and hardware configurations.

Trying to test this manually would take up a significant amount of time. But, automated testing can run repetitive tasks in hours instead of days or weeks, allowing for faster delivery cycles. It’s also cheaper, as it is often a repeatable process that doesn’t require extra QA costs.

Improve Omnichannel Deployment

Omnichannel is no longer a buzzword. It’s a customer expectation. They want to be able to shop anywhere at any time on the device of their choosing. The most important aspect is that this process is seamless.

It requires the experience across all devices, operating systems, and bandwidths to work identically. This is one of the reasons why it’s critical to partner with a TaaS provider who can offer complete test management. They have the ability to enhance the depth and scope of the scripts and execute thousands of scenarios. The result is fewer mistakes, better customer experiences, and potentially higher revenue for your business.

Identify Integration Challenges

As part of an omnichannel environment, your internal digital and physical spaces must be integrated. For example, your POS devices, warehouse applications, inventory programs, supply chain connections, and any other third-party platforms that you utilize to run your business.

Your test strategy must take into account the various integration challenges that can arise while also incorporating user behavior. Automated testing becomes one of the only solutions to validate workflow routings and identify vital issues. It even offers actionable steps for developers.

Automation Testing Options

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for testing. There are several options that can be utilized for different scenarios. These are the most common that would suit a retail digital transformation initiative.


Smart Automation Testing

By using AI or machine learning enabled automation testing, retailers can further improve the quality, efficiency, and speed of deployment for their builds. This type of testing can also identify risks and allow team members to mitigate them faster.

The result is retailers can maintain customer expectations. It leads to improved retention and potentially higher revenue. It also means you can achieve your business goals much earlier than you anticipated.

Retail - Automation Testing Options

Functional Automation Testing

With functional automation testing, you receive assurances that the software is working as it should. It’s one of the most vital steps in all development as it ensures the technical requirements are met.

For retailers, it saves them time to ensure all scenarios are anticipated, and all links to third-party applications or integrated software are operating correctly. It can assist in reducing cart abandonment and customer complaints, especially if they’re unable to complete the necessary steps to purchase an item.

Non-Functional Automation Testing

This type of automation testing is just as critical as any other step in the retail digital transformation journey. Particularly when it comes to platforms and applications. With non-functional automation testing, performance, security, and accessibility are assessed through a series of scenarios and workflows to ensure benchmarks are achieved.

The benefit to retailers is that it can avoid issues of degrading usability or poor customer experiences. The testing can find and fix problems early in the lifecycle to avoid unnecessary rework by the time of deployment.

How to Get Started with Automation Testing

Automation testing is critical to the success of digital transformation in the retail sector. By partnering with TaaS providers, retailers can ensure that their applications and systems function properly and meet customer expectations. They can deploy builds faster to stay relevant without sacrificing quality or impacting their ability to deliver on their promise.

Additionally, utilizing a complete test management solution can help identify and fix issues before they cause significant problems. It can even be a lot cheaper than the alternative. Many automation testing options are repeatable and aren’t reliable on staff working traditional hours. It can get utilized any time the build is ready.

As technology continues to evolve, retailers will need to adopt automated testing practices in order to stay competitive and remain up to date with the latest customer expectations.

Quality.one can provide risk-free project support with our testing as a service solution in as quickly as 24 hours. We can scale in accordance with your requirements and take ownership of your testing needs so your expert team members can focus on other high-value tasks. No matter where you are in your retail digital transformation project, contact Quality.one today for a free consultation and find out how we can help you meet your business objectives.

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